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Chris Litzau, Director of the Great Lakes CCC, takes part in an interview with Matthew Sadowski and April Dovorany on the issues of brownfields and the importance of the Great Lakes CCC in cleaning them up. If you would like to watch the original video on CBS 58's website click here.


Chris Litzau interviews Corps member, Deshawn Mcgrone about his experiences at Great Lakes CCC and how it has affected his future goals. Deshawn explains what his plans are now that he has a high school diploma and is enrolled in a university.


The Great Lakes CCC went to the Medical College of Wisconsin to participate in a mass casualty event drill. Corps members were given fake blood and makeup to portray themselves as injured in order to help train medical students in the event of a mass casualty event. This helps prepare first responders in the event of an actual emergency. If you would like to watch the original video on TMJ4's website click here.


Here you can find all the documentation for the Great Lakes CCC. We take water samples every week north of North Beach in places where the Health Department doesn't monitor. You can also find CERT (Certification and Emergency Response Training) documents as well as a brochure.